4-Week Female Magnetism Audio Series

After ten years of supporting women around the world uncover an unshakable confidence and inner radiance, I’ve found that connecting to our Inner Seat of Power, our wombs and embracing the unique gifts of the Feminine are essential in our personal evolution.

Our society celebrates external (masculine) power, and often times it reduces the Feminine power to seduction, centerfolds, and eye candy. Yet, those are only remnants of our true essence & power. Many of us have become addicted to external male validation that keep us in a perpetual state of insecurity and competition with our sisters.  External power is usually about control & force. As women, the Feminine offers us unique gifts such as mystique, magnetism and intuition. We can achieve everything and more with reconnecting with our softness and authenticity.

The 4 Week Female Magnetism Audio Series is a proven yet fun process to peel off what’s keeping you from experiencing glowing confidence, clarity and radiance.

Despite what we’ve been told, we cannot battle with the same, outdated concepts that keep us bound to the ordinary.  We must initiate our inner depth and resolve to refresh our being and re-create ecstatic relationships. It is our birthright.

If you’re tired of feeling emotionally out of control, insecure, settling for men who don’t know your worth and if you’re ready to stop giving up your power, this 4 week Female Magnetism Course is going to set your on fire, from the inside out!

As women, awareness of the function and the mystique of the brain, heart and womb is essential in fully expressing our greatest potential.

Below is just a taste of topics to be discussed.

Each class will run at least 45 minutes.

Week One Learning the functionality of our brain, key levels of Mind, how we’re repeating the same mental tapes and how to begin the process of breaking out-dated patterns.

Week Two: The Heart, our Love Center is the powerhouse of electromagnetic energy. Many times our emotional programs are running the show and not our Hearts. We’ll get clear on how harboring anger, rage, envy, insecurities create imbalance and shuts off our intuitive gifts and abilities.

Week Three: The Yoni, our Inner Seat of Power. Utilizing ancient rituals and practices to more deeply connect with the pearls of wisdom between our thighs. We breathe, cleanse and clear stagnant energy.

Week Four: Congruency. Here’s where we come together to discuss our weekly assignment, insights, questions and set clear intentions on our next steps forward. Integrating our power centers to re-create our lives on our terms!

If the 4-Week Female Magnetism Class resonates with you, click the link below to purchase. Each class runs a minimum of 45 minutes. Once payment is made, you’ll be able to immediately download the series.

Course Investment –  $47.00





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