I am beyond passionate about the total well being of women and the organic unfolding of our greatest potential.

An important aspect of our well being is activating our sensuality by being fully present to All of our senses: taste, touch, sound, sight, smell, and our multi-sensory gifts including intuition.

The more present we are in this moment, the more energy we have to create delicious life experiences that thrill our soul and connect us to a richer existence.

I know what it is like to lose my song, dance and neglect my body, dreams and femininity. My breakthrough was a defining moment: choosing to utilize a turbulent relationship to heal emotional triggers that revealed insecurities, and limiting beliefs

Our life’s experiences are the catalyst for Transformation.

During this beautifully colored relationship, I began to practice the Jade Egg and Taoist Energy Practices that switched my gears from Barren to Bodacious! I released 50 pounds, tapped into a reservoir of my own juicyness and was re-introduced to my glowing feminine essence.

I created the Sensual Snapper Training and Sensual Charm Courses with the intention of supporting women in retrieving their power from external sources and re-feuling their passions, desires, sensuality, relationships and well being.

By reconnecting with the mystery and magic of our wombs, we deepen our reverence of our sensual and sexual charm.

I’ll support and inspire you in taking the first crucial steps with clear intention and accountability. I am a Sister and Champion of every woman embracing her exquisite majesty.

It’s time to create a new blueprint for our personal and collective world. Let’s awaken to the beauty of our Sensual Charm with open hearts, willingness and conscious awareness.


Spirit Halima