Is The Authentic Female Becoming Extinct?

By on December 12, 2016

Have you ever read an article, blog, or book that literally jolted your very being? The resonance is felt so strongly that it seemed as if the universe conspired events to bring your eyes to those materials.

For me, it was an excerpt of a speech suggesting to a male audience that the authentic female is close to being extinct. My eyes were glued to every word, and I could feel layers of self doubt instantly peeling off my Being. I’d been sensing a stirring deep within. I knew I was acting like a fake…full of doubt, shame, blame and confusion.  Yet a strong desire was pulling me to re-connect to my femininity.

It wasn’t until years later that I realized it was my Inner Female. She is my organic state, present and wise. She is a force of nature – a beautiful force equipped with the powers to both uplift and destroy. She’s not the programming buried underneath religion, education or social & tribal norms. She’s the one who is fluent in love, nature, nobility and wisdom.

If I’m willing, she reveals more of my power. It’s a purification process that clears out the residues of acting insecure, manipulative,  powerless, jealous, foolish, desperate, lazy and unworthy. Now, I’m forever her student, as she is now allowing more imagination and envisioning to fuel my Being. I started pushing pass limitations that I didn’t even know I had.

So, if you’re curious about those potent words of insight that deepened my journey, I’ve provided an excerpt below. I just have one disclaimer. Reading the words below might trigger deep emotion. Take a breath. Life has conspired to bring your eyes to read these words.

Civilization would not exist as we know it today if the true woman still existed.....I shall mention hundreds of thousands of real women called witches and burnt as such as well as millions of other women vanquished and changed by fear….A revolutionary war [was] waged by knights against the real woman and in favor of a new idol….[and] a downward mutation of the species [occurred].  So that gradually the authentic female was replaced by a different kind of being.

Gentlemen, the being whom we call woman is not the woman.  She is a degeneration, a copy.  The essence has gone, the principle is absent, our joy and our salvation are no longer there….What we call women are beings who only look like women, we embrace imitations belonging to a species which has been entirely or almost entirely destroyed. 

Rare is Woman, she wades through floods, she topples thrones, she stops the passing years….When she does exist, she is the impasse of the world….Wither go rivers, clouds, lost birds? They all flow into Woman….But she is rare…..If one encounters her one must run away, for when she loves, when she hates, she is implacable. But she is rare.   

The real woman, from the beginning of time, the woman that was given to us, belongs body and soul to a universe alien to man’s.  She radiates at the other end of Creation.  She knows the secrets of water, stone, plants and animals.  She can stare at the sun and see in the dark.  She possesses the keys to health, rest and the harmonies of matter. 

She awaits man to begin a new heaven on earth. If she gives herself to him, it is in the movement of sacred panic, opening up to him in the warm darkness of her belly, the door to another world…. she is the one who plants her seed in man: she delivers him anew, she reintroduces into him the childhood of the world. She returns him to his manly work which is to elevate himself as high as he can. We talk about superman, but never about superwoman; for woman, the true woman, is the one who makes man into more than he is.  And for her, just existing is enough in order to fully be. Through her, man gains access to his being. 

Gentlemen, to discover the true woman is a grace,a blessing, a gift. Being unafraid of her is yet another. She appears suddenly amongst the herd of false females and the fortunate man who spots her begins to tremble with desire and fear.” 

This lecture was given by Pauwels and published in Planete (Paris, 1964) 

After reading this excerpt, I immediately emailed it to 3 of my sister friends. We all jumped right into the work of becoming more like our true nature. I’d love to say that this journey was effortless and joyous but it required stretching beyond comfort levels that were quite painful. Thankfully, I was grounded enough to stay the course, trust the unfolding and tap into a greater wisdom. I’ve expanded my tribe, my voice and passion to share and teach the lesson I’ve learned. We’re all in this together & as we heal individually, we transform collectively.  

Many years later, I created the  4-Week Female Magnetism Class to share the process and insights that transformed my friends and private clients. In the 4-Week Female Magnetism Class,  we peel off the layers of conditioning that suffocate our inner Female, our Essence. It’s time to unleash our amazing femininity, gifts, skills, love and healing to the world. Right now!

p.s.: If you’d like to stir up deep emotion and dialogue share this blog with other women and men. Who knows what greatness can come from it? Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to leave a comment. 

p.s.s. If this resonates with you, consider joining my private FB Group, Female Magnetism.

Happy Emerging!

Photo Credit  Photographer: Teron Seay – Model: Kateria Knows

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