5 Boss Moves to Get Your Power Back After Betrayal, Cheating & Lies

By on October 11, 2016

When our men break a sacred agreement/contract, we feel devastated.

It’s understandable.

We’ve trusted our private universe with a man who didn’t have the integrity to speak his truth. He settled for lying, hiding and misrepresenting over honoring the relationship.

In my previous blog, The Beauty in Cheating, I share my personal story on how I blossomed after a betrayal. It’s really important to know that we can experience the pain but suffering is optional. Suffering is the story we attach to the pain.

If we release the need to sabotage ourselves with self judgment, we will emerge more radiant, powerful and self aware.

If you’re going through the pain right now, here are 5 BOSS MOVES that will immediately (if you’re willing) SHIFT the energy and support you taking your power back.

1. ACKNOWLEDGE. Breathe and acknowledge what happened without blaming or judging. State the facts not opinion or speculation. For example: My husband violated our agreement and slept with his co-worker.

2. STOP INTERNALIZING: This is where we terrorize ourselves. We take responsibility for his choices. We feel that we weren’t beautiful enough, smart enough, sexually satisfying… the list goes on and on. Yes, there are men (and women too) who will attempt to make you feel that it’s your fault…. that you weren’t taking care of your man. However, that’s society’s way of keeping women insecure and competing with our sisters.When we stop internalizing, we will be transformed. We will feel more Alive and Powerful, guaranteed. Btw, a loving and mature man will OWN his behavior and truly seek to repair and reconcile.

3. GRIEVE: Allow time to grieve the loss and betrayal. The facade is over. Now you really KNOW who you’ve shared your body and heart with. Take time to feel the pain. Instead of jumping into another relationship/sexship, take some time to process and reconnect with your Feminine Power. It’s a perfect time head to the spa, nature and reconnect with your Essence. Write down 100 Hot Desires that you’ve been putting off. Recommit to your desires and dreams. Make yourself a priority.

In the meantime, don’t burn his items, slash tires or call the other woman. Those are acts of disempowerment.Stay in your power.

4. DECIDE: Are you staying or leaving the relationship? It’s a personal choice that only you can make. Again, take as much time as you need. Speak your truth. Don’t be afraid to let go. Don’t be afraid to reconcile.

5. CLOSE LIPS: I know it’s a normal reaction to get on the phone with your friends and family and bash that SOB (he’s really a Guru supporting an awakening).. Here’s where we grow up emotionally and stay silent (as much as possible). We must let it go and re-direct our attention on those HOTT desires and feeling the joy of life.

A man doesn’t validate you, so he can’t invalidate you. Feel that truth. Walk in that truth.

Check out my YouTube Video on the 5 BOSS Moves to Get Your Power Back After Betrayal, Cheating & Lies, we dive into the deep waters! If you resonate with the message, please subscribe to my channel and share with friends.

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