10 Ways Women Unconsciously Over-Function in Life & With Men

By on October 23, 2016

Over-functioning is rooted in insecurity and relying more on masculine attributes.  It’s when we rely on fear-based action to hustle for our worthiness. When we Over-Function we magnetize Takers. It’s a dis-order we can no longer afford.

As Females, we have a sweet and powerful way of “leaning” back and magnetizing our desires. When we trust the Universal Flow, we give up over-functioning and embrace our Magnetism.

Here are 10 Ways that we may unconsciously over-function. There are many more, feel free to add to the list.

  •  Habitual thinking. It’s when we’re not refreshing our minds to new thoughts, beliefs and life experiences that we get stuck, afraid and stay in survival.
  •  Action Focused: The power of the Feminine is in the invisible, imaginative and mysterious realm. It’s our domain. When we focus on action alone, we relinquish our greatest power.
  • Seeking Permission: Yep, this is a big one. When we’re waiting on others to permit us to be,do and have we’ll continue to get stuck and over-function. It’s about being unapologetic that harnesses the power of the Feminine to trust in her Essence.
  •  Negative Competition with Sisters: What’s the thought we have when we want to compete with our sisters? We’ll definitely jump into over-functioning when we feel threatened by another woman. When we peel back our thoughts, we’ll realize that our fears are an illusion. No woman is ever a threat, unless you declare it so.
  •  Not Asking for What We Need: Are you speaking up and asking for the support, the loving, the money, the boundaries, the business…. are you asking for what you want and need? Ask not, get not. ** We’re asking with our energy and attention. Keeping our eyes and mind focused on what we want is the way to manifest without over-functioning.
  • Attempting To Manipulate: Ah, the lil ole back of tricks that keep tricking us. When we attempt to manipulate, we broadcast to the Universe that we’re not trusting, that we’re not open to receive the many blessings we so desire. It requires a vulnerability and connection with the POWER that create worlds. We’re in great hands, KNOW it.
  •  Attempting to Control: Breathe. Control is an illusion. When we find our Center, we lose the desire to control. We let go, we surrender. Life is for Us. There’s no need to attempt to control another person’s behavior. We can INSPIRE others by how we treat ourselves and how we LIVE LIFE! Enjoy!
  • Seeking Attention/Validation: Here’s where we take a quantum leap in our evolution. We’ve been conditioned to seek attention from the external world. We may feel loss and desperate without the “validation” we get from our men, children, employers, or the overall societal definitions of beauty and success. If we want to ACTIVATE our Creative Genius, then decoding those stories and myths are essential. Truth is: No one has the power to validate or invalidate you, unless you give them proxy to do so.
  • Distrusting the Masculine: We create so much drama in our lives by distrusting the Masculine. We over-function by playing mama to our men and having outrageous expectations. I hear so many women speak on training men, managing, controlling them as if they are children. If we see them as children, they will act like it. They’ll rise to the level of our Beliefs. At some point, we must TRUST in their ability to be GREAT. We Support. We Inspire. We Nurture.
  • Ignoring our Desires: This is really numero uno! It’s the core reason that many of us over-function. We’re not on FIRE. We’ve settled with mediocrity. CRANK up the heat and desire, not just for men AND for YOU! We deserve to FEEL Juicy & ALIVE. Take a moment and WRITE down 50 Desires you’ve buried underneath excuses and time. Make passionate LOVE to all of your Goals & Desires.

When we’re feeling SUCCULENT, we don’t over-function. We tap into the Sweet spot of our Female Magnetism & Magic.

In my 4-Week Female Magnetism Audio Class, we discuss the science of the Brain, Mind Heart and Womb & how we can re-calibrate our Female Magnetism. It’s a delicious journey, as we are privileged to reshape our personal worlds.

I’d love the opportunity to support women who are tired of over-functioning, feeling insecure about their worth and want to experience more emotional freedom.  If you’re ready, Schedule a 45-minute complimentary Ignite Female Magnetism session and let’s get the fire blazing!




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