He Renewed My Faith in Men

By on November 29, 2015

I’m sweaty, damn near out of breath while climbing/running up about 1500 stairs. It was summertime in Southern California, and just the thought of working out made me anxious. But there I was, battling my love-hate relationship with the Santa Monica Stairs.

I’d been working out with my friend, we were both dedicated to shedding some weight and getting fit. During our workouts, he would push me through my comfort level. That’s how we worked out – hard and harder.

He was able to navigate those grueling stairs faster and would wait for me on our last revolution. Although I hated it, he would keep a watchful eye and make sure I wouldn’t quit. Our unspoken bond while working out (and in life) is that we wouldn’t let each other quit.

On my last 30 stairs, I felt extremely exhausted pain and the heat of the sun. Just as I was about to stop, he flew down the stairs and completed the last rotation by my side, step by step. All I can hear was his voice saying “you got this”! He wouldn’t let me quit. It was a real moment, and it wasn’t til later that I realized the magnitude & symbolism of that experience.

He had been by my side for awhile, providing a powerful example of the masculine. At times, I’m still amazed and my gratitude is ever present.

I didn’t know that men like him existed, and now I do. He keeps his word. He’s truly interested in my thoughts, and really listens. As a problem solver, he thinks many steps ahead, so  I trust the flow.  It’s so refreshing and rejuvenating to be in his energy.

As friends, we’re able to play the game of life with more depth, fun and curiosity. His software (mental/emotional/spiritual library) is high level & invaluable, and I always feels safe in his energy. I love him.

All it takes is one person to make a difference and re-mind us of our greatness, and release the negative thoughts about our complementary sex. Divide and conquer is the tried and true. I feel that men and women have forgotten that one of our greatest strengths is having reverence for one another and our collective journey.

We can choose to uplift and inspire. I’m  taking every opportunity to pay it forward and offer my best to others.

Who will you inspire?

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