6-Week Irresistible Pussy Master Training

Irresistible Pussy  Mystery School is a 6-Week Group Course designed to empower women to UNLEASH their exquisite sexuality and feminine power.  

It’s ALL about having a rich love affair with your entire Being. Of course, your Pussy [womb, yoni, vjay, punani – whichever name resonates] is your sacred seat of power as a woman. 

When she is vibrant & deeply satisfied, we have full access to our Feminine Power. 

It’s the first time I’m offering my Elite Sexual Fitness Training along with Feminine Magnetism ClassesMy Dear, that means you’ll get the delicious deep dive that you can’t get anywhere else!


6-Week Irresistible Pussy Mystery School  will cover:  

– Worthiness: The foundation secrets to RECEIVE love and allow yourself to receive even more

 – Stand Out: How to have inviting and open energy to attract more  loving connections with the right men.

–  Beautiful Energy: Lasting Energy Tools that boost your beauty for yourself and then, before a man’s eyes.

– Spirit Halima’s Confidence Formula:  To end comparison, and never again settle or doubt your worth.

– Dating Confidence: Secret energy tools to feel confident and at ease between dates and as the relationship evolves. 

– Energy Clearing To allow yourself to receive and create the ideal relationship with your man that lasts.

Irresistible Pussy Sexual Fitness Training  is a Fitness Boot Camp for your Pussy! Yes, your vagina! It’s lots of fun and a surefire way to deeply connect with your femininity. Like any other muscle, if you don’t use it, you lose it! Gain Goddess level Pussy Control in just 6 weeks! Tighten, tone and make your pussy pop! 

If you have one hour each day, you’ll obtain sexual fitness skills worthy of a Goddess!

When first learning of this training, the first idea that comes to mind is sex. As women, we most often attempt to find a way to give our partners optimal pleasure. The Pussy training is more than just toning and tightening vaginal muscles; it offers a divine feminine sojourn within us. During the tenure of my training, I noticed I became less agitated in the midst of stressful situations. My overall demeanor became more tranquil; easy-going. My confidence increased. Even my hormone levels balanced out. I highly recommend this training; not just for the sexual benefits but for the overall experience of well-being.

Monet, Oakland, CA


Prevention of gynecological disorders such as uterine prolapse and urinary incontinence

Enhanced Radiance & Confidence

Improving fibroid conditions

Reducing symptoms of PMS

Regulating menstrual cycle

Increased Pussy Muscle (vaginal) Strength

Proficiency at Isolating each Ring/Section 

Heightened Intimacy Level and Vaginal Sensitivity

More Juicy & Succulent Orgasms

Goddess Grip: Tighter grip & longer hold

Sensual Snapper Speed!



READY for an Irresistible Pussy?

The Irresistible Pussy  6-Week Mystery School consists of 2 parts.

Each Goddess will receive  and initial assessment coaching call, 6 -1:1  30 min Training Sessions, weekly customized sexual fitness  regimen and email & text support.

 You’ll have your very own personal Sexual Fitness Trainer to instruct the proper execution of each exercise and technique. Each exercise & practice is designed to develop outstanding pussy muscles strength, dexterity and snapping speed.


Irresistible Pussy Mystery School Schedule: The following schedule is only an outline. Every Goddess will move through the training at her own pace. There’s no rush! Relax and Enjoy the Journey.

Week 1: Breathing & Energy. We ground the body in preparation to cultivate and circulate our luscious sexual energy.

Weeks 2-3: Muscle Conditioning.  Many women don’t consider their Pussy outside of their cycle and sex. So, for the first 2 weeks, we condition our Pussy Muscles with Breath &  Aerobic Exercise.

Weeks 4-5: Isolation: We focus on having intimate rapport with our intimate muscles by isolating and controlling movement of each section. 

Weeks 6-: Snapping Speed and Power: Next level! We strengthen our muscles for both speed and snapping power.


Part II : 6- LIVE MASTER GROUP CLASSES. All Master Classes will begin @ 9:00 am PST. 

Master Classes will be recorded Live & made available for replay for participants. 

In addition to the 1:1 Coaching, we’ll anchor the training with  3 – 90 minute Live Master Classes. [Dates: TBA]

 Female Sexual Anatomy: We’ll dive deep into the Mystique of the Female Sacred Anatomy. Get clear as to why sexual energy and sexual pleasure is critical for balanced hormones, accessing genius and creative ideas, female focus and connecting with Divinity. 

 The Ease of Receiving As A Woman:  Secrets to receiving what you DESIRE with PLEASURE vs STRUGGLE/PAIN, embody true confidence that commands the “right” men, $$$, orgasms into your life.

Awaken Your Feminine Instincts: Access Heightened Intuition, Discern High Voltage Men on the Spot [5 mins or less], Immunity to game playing, ghosting, used  just for sex [money, housing, or settling for anything less than what you desire] , energetically end contracts with wound mates… and START receiving LOVE at the Soul level.   

BONUS TRAINING: Sacred Twerking for Optimal Pelvic Fitness



Irresistible Pussy : 6 Weeks:  – April 1st – May 13th 2018

Investment: $3,500.00 

Early Bird Special of $2,500.00 [Full Pay] is good until  March 16th

Payment Plan Option [$3,00.00 w/$1000 deposit. Then 3 payments of $667]

**Limited to 7 Goddesses**


Ready to experience more Vitality, Radiance & Succulence?

Desire to Feel like a Goddess, inside and outside the bedroom?

Willing to be “coachable” and commit to the training?


If you replied HELL YES to the following questions, then I’d love to connect with you personally.

 Simply click on the link below and schedule a [no cost] 45 min discovery session to determine if the 6-Week Irresistible Pussy Mystery School  is a match for you. **For additional information or questions, email spirit@sensualcharm.com