Is Your Voice On Mute?

By on May 31, 2014

I’ve come from a family of boisterous and opinionated people, My dad was super intelligent, and could probably win any argument with his library of knowledge, wit and confidence.  We would discuss any topic and if you wanted to be heard, you’d better speak up and articulate your thoughts, clearly and quickly. I’ll always remember those moments where my family would have a round table or discuss issues on a long road trip. I was the baby, quiet and not so self assured as my siblings.  Although, I had insights, they were often drowned by the bass of my father’s voice or the quickness of my sisters’ rebuttals.

It’s taken years to take my voice off of mute, and speak my truth. As a talk radio host, I was more comfortable in interviewing my esteem guests than sharing my own insights and revelations. It’s been a journey in exercising my voice.  I’ve had to become confident not fitting into well packaged boxes just so others would feel comfortable. Simply, I  had to get over myself and have fun in sharing my thoughts and insights. Yes, I speak about sexuality, intimacy, lingams and yonis (sanskrit words for penis & vagina).  Anyone’s perception of what that means is purely their business.  As I took the journey in cultivating my own sexual energy, a powerful thing happened: I got better in realizing when energy was leaving my body.  When we care more about what others think of us  than sharing our unique and authentic voice, we relinquish our power. Owning one’s truth is a healthy experience.

Sensual Charm is a portal to express insights and information that has supported the evolving of my awareness and clients. I love connecting, sharing and supporting women in achieving greater sexual vibrancy and glowing confidence. Is your voice on mute? Are you speaking life into your dreams, desires and relationships?

It’s a beautiful yet sensual skill to speak one’s truth unapologetically. It takes courage to show up in a world of raging critics and allow one’s talents, beauty and ideas to be expressed.

We are sensual beings, experiencing our current reality via five senses, but we’re not limited to those 5 five senses. We can utilize our multi-sensory (intuition) ability to deepen the connection and align with our essence.  When we’re aligned, we feel playful, passionate and fearless. When we take our voice off of mute, life begins to explode with fresh possibilities. There’s a greater voice we’re being tuned to and we can choose to be open channels.



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