“Spirit Halima’s work is revolutionary with women and men. Her nurturing and loving spirit enables her clients to open spaces and areas of themselves so that they can reach new levels of love and peace in their own lives. Thank you Halima for your gifts and your insight.”

Nwenna Kai
Wellness Entrepreneur, Professor, & Author, The Goddess of Raw Foods

“The Sensual Snapper Training has forced me into a new, heightened awareness. It has allowed me to develop a much better understanding of my body, mind, spirit, and how they all coexist. I am an artist/designer by trade with over a decade of training and experience, but I only began to truly understand my own creative process during this training. The daily exercises coupled with the deep breathing quiet the mind and allow that restorative energy to flow from my yoni, up through the body, and out through the top of my head. As I visualized this I could FEEL the energy passing through me, getting rid of headaches, calming menstrual cramps, and clearing the fog from my mind so that my thoughts could move freely. The entire process is one of self-nurturing and provides a sense of fulfillment that cancels out the need to seek external validations. It has the ability to perk me up when I’m feeling fatigued emotionally. It is also an utterly “juicy” experience that enhances lovemaking due to the yoni’s increased wetness and sensitivity! Many of the exercises are now a part of my regular workout–this is my New Normal!”

Newark, DE

“The Sensual Snapper Training is more than physical, it is also emotional and spiritual. During my third week, I sent the following email to Spirit: The exercises were hard for me today. My yoni did not want to cooperate. I thought about giving up and giving myself a break for the day. I continued despite the fact that it seemed I couldn’t get a good squeeze or hold a squeeze. Everything felt awkward and impossible. Finally, I got in the tub and got through 45 excruciating (not painful) exercises. I experienced a breakdown, not a mini-breakdown but a full blown heart wrenching balling at the top of my lungs release that seemingly came out of no where. I yelled out names of people to forgive me, including myself, and I yelled out names of people I needed to forgive. Crying asking for release, shouting Let me go let me go, release me, I release you on and on and on. When all of the shouting and crying slowed down the positive affirmations followed. It was such an intense unexpected, uncontrollable experience. After that, the remaining five were a breeze”

Atlanta, Georgia

“Halima is passionate about bringing out the best in others. Her charismatic wisdom has truly been an irreplaceable addition to my life. To know her, is to love her.”

S. Kennedy
Small Business Consultant

“During my first week with Spirit, I was amazed of the functionality and dexterity of my yoni. I loss a couple of inches between my thighs, that was a bonus. Thank you Spirit once again.”

Atlanta, GA

“When I started the 7 Day Yoni Fitness Intensive, my goal was to have more control of my vaginal muscles. I actually had to stop the program after day 5, but I met my goal which was confirmed by husband who said that my contractions were more powerful and direct. I’m looking forward to moving on to the Sensual Snapper Training and taking this journey to the next level!”

Durham, NC

“Spirit Halima inspires and reminds myself and others of what our standards should be when it comes to loving ourselves and receiving love from others.”

Pearl Eva Walker
Author, Entrepreneur, CEO Hair Deva Enterprises

“I completed the 7 Day Yoni Fitness Training 2 weeks before my boyfriend came to visit. Let me say, I was exceedingly more orgasmic than I have been in the past and my lover noticed the difference as well. I can only imagine what the Sensual Snapper Training will produce and my lover is excited. This is all eclipsed by the beautiful spirit and loving support received from one of the most beautiful and spiritually in touch women I have ever had the pleasure to know. Comfort with our own bodies and yonis is the key to developing a lifelong affair with ourselves, which in turn makes us better partners, better lovers and better women.”

Los Angeles, CA

“Spirit Halima is an exceptional woman of wisdom and a positive for transforming womanhood as she shares how important it is to honor our feminine nature and come together as a community. Thank you for being a true Sister.”

Dr. Cherilyn Lee
Nurse Practitioner, Talk Show Host & Author, Written Before I was Born