The Price of Aligning With Our Fearless Female.

By on July 5, 2016

“Everything has a price!” I recall these words flowing out of my mouth in the middle of a heated discussion with an ex. At the time, I was attempting to control his actions that were not in harmony with our relationship. Yet, the irony is that profound insights are never about other people, it’s all about us.

Yet it is true, everything has a price. We must give up the old to experience the new. We must release comfort and mediocrity to experience the unknown and greatness.

When I decided to embrace my Female and allow her to freely express there was a painful transitioning phase.  I’d set a clear intention that I wanted to think, feel and express as an organic being, not from programming, training, or education. The process is one of facing Self – the good, bad and ugly.  In my last blog, Is the Authentic Female Becoming Extinct?, I address the core differences between the woman and the female.

As the Female takes the driver seat, the woman programmed to seek external validation from parents, preachers, men and society in general will RESIST.  We’ve tuned out our organic intuition and now take cues from the artificial word: Cosmopolitan magazine, Bad Girl’s Club, politics, academia, Big Pharma and many other systems.

Life has a way of stripping us down naked and showing us the many ways we’ve checked out of our lives. It reveals the countless times we’ve relinquished power.  I’d completely checked-out. In my mind, I was a kind, spiritual and loving woman. The truth was that I was detached, lazy, fearful and stuck. It’s those pretty packaged stories we tell that are most harmful.

I endured agonizing days feeling disconnected from family and friends. Frustration was a daily companion as the tried and true no longer worked. My entire personal world began to deconstruct as some relationships ended and others were compromised.  I was being asked to think and feel counter intuitive to how I was trained.

It’s an uncomfortable journey as the woman will fight to maintain the status quo and hold onto familiarity.

She will argue for her weaknesses.

She will argue and fight for her limitations.

She will attempt to settle for mediocrity and live in her comfort zones.

She will cry and feel disempowered.

Many people in her life will flow out…..

She will feel alone.

These are the evolving pains and the releasing of our conditioning. It’s the price we pay to become truly empowered, confident, radiant and deeply connected.

It’s the perfect time to plunge into our creativity and allow the experiences to support the birthing of new beginnings and exciting adventures. How many poems, books, recipes, designs, software programs and delicious relationships are buried underneath our domestication?

Our personal worlds have been designed by the woman. We salute and honor her. We will retain the wisdom she achieved.

A new and ecstatic world awaits. It’s being designed by our Female, our organic nature. The Oracle. It takes grit, conscious inquiry and imagination.

I’m envisioning a paradigm where women no longer doubt her worthiness or value. A world where we don’t hide or bury our truth, radiance, sensuality or magic.

I’m envisioning an enriched and everlasting connection with our Beloved Males, our perfect complements.

I’m sensing a reality where our Inner Being is our only compass!


Wishing you an Ecstatic Alignment!





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